Can you make money with a dtg printer?

Yes, is the shortanswer, but the deeper response is that using many DTG printers will boost yourrevenues even more. Whatever the motivation, the following considerations arecrucial when starting a custom t-shirt business and selecting a DTG printer ort-shirt printing equipment.

Can you make money with a dtg printer?

Yes, is the shortanswer, but the deeper response is that using many DTG printers will boost yourrevenues even more. Whatever the motivation, the following considerations arecrucial when starting a custom t-shirt business and selecting a DTG printer ort-shirt printing equipment. To create stunning, retail-quality clothes, employDTG printers, which use inkjet technology to print graphics and photos directlyonto fabric. You also have the choice to use DTG printing to make smallerorders with a design that works just as well as a larger, more intricate orderwith numerous colors.


Ricoh, a pioneer andindustry leader in direct-to-garment printing, is the only DTG provider with afull ecosystem of affordable DTG solutions for all price points and levels ofexpertise. Any piece of machinery used in commercial printing needs somemaintenance, but modern DTG printers are VERY simple to keep in good operatingorder. ColDesi's G4 DTG printer, in particular, comes with free training thatcan be obtained in person or online, as well as the best guarantee in thebusiness. You'll find that many of the finest ideas for generating money withDTG involve developing personalized products with the customer's name, personalimages, special day dates, or said likes. This is because DTG is so easy tocustomize and consumers are eager to pay more for personalized products.




On the highest end,you could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a DTG printer made byKornit or Aeoon, but a more affordable option would be the DTG G4 that will beused in the stadium. Send the file to your printer, process the image using theRIP software (most DTG printers come with this software included for free), andthen begin printing. Although there are a ton of conventional screen printing businessesthat are well equipped to print 100 or even 1000 t-shirts for big businesses,DTG printers triumph in the "Direct to Garment Printer" versus. Forinstance, Andre Howard, the proprietor of Design 2 Ink, purchased a Ricoh DTGprinter and began producing t-shirts while maintaining his full-time job.




DTG features low setupcosts for a print job, making it more affordable for modest, one-time ordersthan other techniques like screen printing.

Understand thebusiness benefits of DTG printing.


Profit is simplydefined as Your Costs less Your Selling Price. Your profit is $10.00 if youspend $3.00 to print a personalized t-shirt that you subsequently sell for $13.




Be aware that therewill be some difference depending on aspects like your market, location,t-shirt design, and brand; we chose some simple numbers as examples forsimplicity's sake. These are conservative estimations based on averages oftenobserved in the sector, just to be cautious.




The price of ink pershirt, for instance, will change based on the artwork you're printing. A 16′′by 20′′ graphic that is highly saturated and printed on a dark garment (whichnecessitates the addition of white ink) can cost upwards of $1.50, whereasprinting a modest chest emblem on a light-colored t-shirt can cost as low as$0.25.




Similar to otheritems, the price of t-shirts varies according to the brand, quality, and designof the shirt. When bought in bulk, a t-shirt typically costs between $2.50 and$4.00 per shirt.




You have a lot offlexibility when deciding on the retail pricing for your printed t-shirt, butyou must gain a thorough understanding of what your target market is preparedto spend on your goods. Simple t-shirts can cost as little as $10, whiledesigner t-shirts can cost as much as $50. What do well-known websites andneighborhood shops charge? In that case, adjust your pricing.




Is DTG truly thissimple to use for making money?


No and yes. As you cansee from our illustration, the idea of making money with DTG is ratherstraightforward. Create a t-shirt, print it, and make money selling it. Butjust like in any business, you must put in the effort to expand your clienteleand boost revenue.




The good news is thatdirect-to-garment printing gives many chances for growing sales and creating ascalable home business, meaning you may start small by selling t-shirts tonearby businesses and schools, and eventually grow your operation into afull-time job.




How then do I sell500, maybe even 1,000, t-shirts?


Now that you are awareof the potential riches DTG might bring you, how do you go about starting at-shirt business? How many can you expect to sell? It's all about expandingyour clientele, and selling to your friends and family is one of the simplestmethods to get started. Do you, a family member, or anybody you know havechildren in elementary, high school, or college? Tell everyone you know thatyou can print fantastic personalized t-shirts for a great price (don't forgetto share your beautiful designs on social media!) and always remember torequest referrals for every purchase you receive.




Some of our mostprosperous clients grew their companies purely by word of mouth. For instance,Andre Howard, the proprietor of Design 2 Ink, bought a Ricoh DTG printer andlaunched his side venture while continuing to hold down a full-time job makingt-shirts. Only two months after purchasing his first printer, Andre foundhimself doing so much business by concentrating on networking and offeringtop-notch customer service. As a result, he resigned his day job to devote allof his time to his DTG business.




A very similar tale istold by Tonya and Troy Ferguson of Honeybee Print & Apparel. One monthafter buying their first Ricoh DTG printer, they were able to grow theirbusiness by selling t-shirts to their network of friends and family to thepoint that they needed to buy a SECOND printer to keep up with demand.

They will probablywant to wear the t-shirt because it bears their logo, and because you printedyour company name and a brief sales presentation on it, they will know who toget in touch with when they're ready to order custom t-shirts.


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